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Privacy Statement

Welcome to AM reviews website. Below is our privacy statement that will elaborate on how our site will be using the data you provide to us when using our website. We understand that data safety is vital in every sector. We strive to ensure that our clients get the best experience through proper care of their data.

AM Reviews will ask for some information from you that may identify you. Such queries must never worry you because our website only asks for the relevant information that helps them to improve the user experience. We protect All information you provide according to our privacy statement below.

You should check with our website regularly to confirm if there are any changes. We change our privacy policies frequently. Our website reserves all rights to make changes to this policy statement as it pleases without seeking approval from the end-users.

The Data That Am-reviews Will Collect from Clients

  • Our Clients/Users Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact Details
  • Social Media Links
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Preferences
  • Demographic Information

How We Use the Data, We Collect from Our Users.

Every data that AM reviews will ask from you will serve a specific purpose. Below are the lead functions of the data you will provide to us when using our user-friendly interface.

  • Your information plays a role in keeping records for the internal user database.
  • We take your data to help us when doing market research. Market research will be through surveys to customize the services to befit our end users.
  • The information we collect from our users will also play a role in developing existing services and developing new ones.
  • Emails play a role when we have new offers and discounts. We sent promotional messages, offers, and discounts to our prospective clients.
  • The responses and information collected through surveys will help us tailor our services to fit the need of our users.


The safety of your data is what we take seriously. We have put immense effort into ensuring that all your data are safe from any external attacks. Our website employs several physicals, digital and operational procedures to ensure that no data leaks out without your consent.

How Our Website Uses Cookies

When you visit websites that use cookies, they will ask you to accept cookies if you have toggled off the cookies button in your browser. AM reviews use cookies, and you will only have the best website experience when you turn on cookies. Cookies are tiny text files that websites use. The website will put the cookies on your hard drive when you have granted permission. It is through cookies that it becomes possible to see the web applications on your browser. Cookies help the websites to curate a better experience for end-users by notifying them when you visit another site.

Cookies allow our website to analyze the pages you visit. It will help us to cater to every page better based on the information that cookies will collect. Our website will then remove the cookies after analysis. You should note that cookies will only give information that the website asks.

If you think cookies are not best for you, you can always change the cookies settings in your browser. Still, it may cause your website to misbehave, and you won’t have a good user experience.

Our Statement on Users Under 18 Years

Our website does not deal with products that have an age limit. We adhere to the Child online privacy act of 1998(COPA), where underage users are prohibited. Any prohibited activity is serious, and you may be prosecuted in the law courts if found with such an offense. Be sure to adhere to the rules and only do the right thing.

Links to Other Networks

AM reviews are aware that there are many online marketing strategies. Some websites use links to other websites to market their products. If you click on the links that will direct you to another website, our website will not be liable for any damages you face when you visit a new site. You will be under the privacy statement of the website that the link will direct you to. AM Reviews shall only take responsibility when you are on their website, but not when a link directs you to a new website that runs under a different privacy statement.

Personal Information of the User

AM reviews treat your personal information with utmost care. We will not share any information you provide us with any other third party except in express orders from law enforcement agencies. Our website uses your data for promotional and user experience improvement. You should not worry about any data leaks because we have set up measures to ensure data safety.

Our website can provide you with a copy of your personal information when you request. It will ask you a small fee to send the information to your email according to the data privacy act 1998. you can contact us through our contact page, and our team will reach out to you with information. When there are data discrepancies, you can send an email about the discrepancy. Our technical team will attend to you conveniently.

Google AdSense Cookies and DART Cookies

Google AdSense is a third-party network and may enable cookies in the site to show ads, basing on your browsing history. Google has its privacy statement about AdSense, and you can only turn them off through their policy statement. AM reviews do not have any control over what Google shares with you based on your browsing history. Our privacy statement will not include any express information about Google AdSense and Dart cookies.

The same rules apply to other ad networks. You have to learn about other websites’ privacy policies to be acquainted with relevant information concerning their ads. You will turn off or on the cookies from their respective networks, and it won’t be covered in our privacy statement.

Query Page

Our website accepts queries from clients. You can contact us when you have a query about services or any other product you want to be informed about. Visit our query page and post your concern. Our team may take time, depending on the nature of the query, to give an accurate and satisfying answer.

Questions, Comments, or Report of Incidents

You may direct questions, comments, or reports to:

[email protected]

Revision of Policy Changes

AM reviews are in total control of the privacy policies, and the changes are subject to the authority’s decisions. Users will not receive notifications concerning the privacy statement changes. It is your responsibility to check the privacy policies frequently because they are dynamic. Make it your culture to check the websites’ privacy policies because they are dynamic.

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August 08, 2021

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